Beard Balm #9 Scented is a Heavy Beard Balm, great for light or thinning beards or for anyone that likes a heavy feeling balm, with an Earthly scent of Vetiver Essential oil and Amber Musk. The Earthly Aroma is a real plus to the wonderful feel of this handcrafted Beard Balm.
No. 9 Beard Balm consists of the most exquisite Organic Argan Oil, Refined Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Organic Soy. No 9 is a heavy balm that enriches fortifies and strengthens your beard. Keeps you looking and feeling great and the aroma will have you smiling all day.  Our 107gr is more than four ounces when liquid.  A Great Product and a Great Value.

Beard Balm #9 Scented

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Beard Balm No. 9 Scented
Blended in Friendsville Maryland, Products are from USA, Israel, and Morocco
Part Used:
Oils and Butters
No 9 Beard Balm is also great for hands or any part of the body that is dry, the skin is cracked and in need of healing. Our large size is Net Weight of 107 grams, that is just over four ounces of liquid.
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