ROOM FRAGRANCE: Cinnamon leaf oil blends well with citrus fruit oils to produce a very pleasant pot pourri fragrance. It also can add a nice 'spicy' note to other oils such as: Ylang, Patchouli, Jasmin and Sandalwood to produce pleasing mixtures for oil burners or diffusers. Used this way Cinnamon leaf oil may help prevent the spread of airborne disease. Great care must be taken to ensure adequate ventilation; otherwise eye irritation could result from an atmosphere saturated in the oils vapor.

INHALATION: A drop or two can be added to hot water and the vapors inhaled, for treating the symptoms of colds, flu and for difficult breathing.

BATHS: Inadvisable due to its tendency to causes skin irritation, the potential of which is increased in the presence of heat and humidity as in a bath. 

MASSAGE: Although generally inadvisable for massage due to its potential skin irritating properties, a drop or two added to a massage oil blend may be found useful as: a mental stimulant, for bronchial and nasal congestion, and for 'rubs' for rheumatism or painful muscle spasms.

Caution:  Strong solutions of this oil should never be used on the skin as it could cause inflammation and soreness. Do not use it on anyone known to be allergic to spices in their food, or allergic to aftershaves or perfumes. Not advisable for use in early pregnancy. This oil must be kept away from children and the eyes.

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Cinnamon Leaf - #034

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Botanical Name:
(Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Part Used:
Distillation Method:
Steam Distilled
Agro Class:
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The fragrance is characteristically of cloves, but is not as sweet and spicy as good clove bud oil.
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