Meadowfoam Seed Oil helps prevent moisture loss. It helps to add shine and moisture to hair and the scalp. Good for dry, cracked skin it is used in lip balms and lipsticks.

Readily absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Increasingly used in good quality cosmetics, hair care preparations and shampoos.

This plant is native to the Northwest region of the United States. Meadowfoam was developed in the 70’s as a replacement to sperm whale oil.

Light, non-greasy and very stable not oxidizing readily.

Meadowfoam Seed Refined

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Botanical Name:
(Limnanthes alba)
Part Used:
Distillation Method:
Expeller Pressed
Agro Class:
Lot #:
COA %:
Free Fatty Acids 0.25 Peroxide Value 0.59 C20:1 d5 63.4 C22:1 d5 4.2 C22:1 d13 12.8 C22:2 d5,d13 16.2
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