NO THC Gold 1000/30

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The Gold NO THC CBD Oil is a 1000mg per ounce or 33.33mg of CBD per 1ml CBD Oil made from an Isolate with NO THC.  This will also be stated on the bottle that the oil has no THC.

This is a pure CBD Oil containing no flavoring or Essential Oils. The usual starting dosage is one-half dropper under the tongue.  

Suggested dilution in massage is 1 part Gold no THC CBD Oil and three to four parts of additional carrier oil or your preference.  We also offer CBD massage oil.

The 33.33mg of CBD per 1ml of oil is commonly referred to as a 1000mg/30ml.  Thirty milliliters, ml, is also one ounce.  The average amount of CBD per dropper and per drop are listed on the bottle.

Zero Tolerance Professions/Employers:  People in positions that have a zero-tolerance for THC should use only products made from an Isolate.  An isolate will have only CBD and no other cannabinoids. Our No THC Gold will clearly state on the bottle label, "No THC". 

Samples:  Due to the nature and use of this product, we do not offer .3ml samples.  I encourage you if you have not tried CBD Oil purchase the smaller size and try it.  You will be happy you did. 

Average Amount of droppers and CBD content for a 1000mg per ounce CBD Oil:
One Ounce, (30ml) has 44 droppers, Each dropper has 22.7mg of CBD, 27 drops per dropper, 1mg per drop

Half Ounce, (15ml) bottles contain half the number of droppers with each dropper having the same amount of CBD.