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Appalachian Valley Natural Products
Celebrating 25 years as an excellent source for
High Quality Pure Essential Oils. 

Established in 1999 by Butch Owen, Appalachian Valley Natural Products, AVNP, became part of the Croskey Family in October 2009. The no-nonsense approach of Butch lives on today at AVNP. We look for the best and bring all of our products to our customers at a fair price.  Although the nose is a very important part of judging an oil, we leave nothing to chance.  All of our oils are tested for quality and purity, delivering only the best "therapeutic quality" oils to our customers.  Oils and other products that we may offer for soap, candle and other product manufacturing, will be clearly marked as commercial grade.  
Our goal is that you will have a pleasant shopping experience that you will want to share with others.  We will always assume that you, the customer, is ALWAYS right.  Should anything be less than perfect and you are less than happy, we want to know about that experience.  We will make it right.  : )

AVNP provides the finest Rose Oil from Turkey and a complete line of Essential Oils. Our slogan "An Informed Consumer is our Best Customer" tells our story.
If you know Essential Oils and you know the market, you will be an AVNP customer.
If you desire the highest quality at a fair price, you want Appalachian Valley Natural Products.
If great customer service is a must for you, then you will become an Appalachian Valley Natural Products customer.

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FREE Sample Policy   *FREE Sample credit of $2.25 is listed on every order. Samples must
be selected in order to be included in your order. If your Free Samples
are not selected at time of your order, due to shipping and handling cost
they cannot be processed for free after your order has been processed.

 FREE SAMPLE Credit will show at Checkout. *No Code is needed to receive the FREE Sample Credit*. Please add samples to your cart the same way you add other products. The sample size is the first size listed in the dropdown menu. A discount of $2.25 is already added to your cart in the discount field toward the 3 - .75 samples.

At AVNP All orders receive three FREE samples and you can always purchase as many samples as you like of different oils - not multiple samples of the same oil.  Samples are limited to one per oil.  If you select multiple .75 cent samples of the same oil, we will send 1 sample of the oil and samples of two different oils. Essential oil samples are .3ml, carrier oil samples are .5oz and seed oil samples are .25oz.  Some of our very expensive oils like Rose and several others will always have a small charge and are limited to one per customer, also.  If you are not familiar with an oil but you want to try it, what better way to get to know if you like it, especially high priced oils. This is the best way you can experience many oils and not break the bank.
All of the products that are offered in samples will show in the product's drop-down menu.  If there is no sample size in the drop-down menu then that particular product does not offer samples.

Please understand, samples are not a profit center for AVNP.  We want you to be able to sample oils at a very low cost.  Please do not place multiple orders containing the same samples or orders for samples only containing the same items. Should this occur, we will contact you to make changes to the order.  Thank you for your understanding.

"ML" size vs "OZ" sizes - ONLY "ml" sizes of oils have dropper inserts.  Our ounce size bottles do not come with dropper inserts.

Questions:  If you have questions concerning how to use Essential Oils or questions about any of our products, please email me at john@AV-AT.com. At Appalachian Valley Natural Products, an informed consumer is our best customer. Please ask your questions.

Customer Service: When calling AVNP, at times you may get voice mail but you will always get a human reply within twenty-four hours. Messages left on weekends will be returned on Monday. We will always be Honest, offer you the highest quality and service you as we would want to be serviced.

Terms of Service

We want you to be Happy with your experiences at Appalachian Valley Natural Products (AVNP).  Contact us if any of the following applies and we will make it right as soon as possible, at no cost to you:
1. You didn't receive your order. It will be replaced. We check with the service provider and if they cannot confirm the order was delivered it will be replaced. Also we will work with you to find your order if the service provider states the order was delivered but you did not receive it.  Many times the order is recovered and is found at the apartment office or the Post Office.
2. Your oils were received leaking or broken. This is discussed under returns below.  Please review damages below.
3. You received the wrong oils.  We will be sure you get the correct product at no cost to you. 
If you have questions please contact me directly, John Croskey at: Click to email

if you received your oils in good shape but you do not like the odor of one of them, keep in mind that we will do our best to make it right because I want to keep you happy and keep you coming back to AVNP.

In such a case, contact me, John Croskey and even though I cannot take an oil back if it's been opened because the oil can't be resold due to the possibility of contamination ... we'll work something out. Ask yourself, would you want to receive an oil I took back from another customer??   I know that I would not want to purchase a returned product and I am a firm believer in treating others as I would want to be treated.  
Please don't just send the oil back, contact me and give me a shot at making it right. I cannot resell oils that are returned because I cannot guarantee the integrity of the oil without having it analyzed.  Accordingly, I do not accept returns unless there is a problem that is the fault of my company or the quality of the oil.
In no case can we accept return of a product later than 20 working days from date of receipt .. and then, we do not accept returns unless the buyer contacts me first to discuss the reasons for the return. 

Returns: Store Credits will be issued for all returns unless otherwise discussed and approved by me or my personal assistant and manager.

Please check your shipment for external damage before signing for it .. or if it is an order that requires no signature, bring the problem to the attention of the Postal authorities .. immediately. In all cases you must bring the damage to the attention of the shipper. If an order is badly damaged you do not have to accept it.

In case of internal damage that is discovered after the shipment is signed for or obtained from the Post Office .. Do Not Discard the Box or the Broken Products - Pictures will Be needed For an Insurance Claim. If a buyer disregards this policy, they will not Be Able to Be Reimbursed.