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Last time before Christmas you will see
Discounts this Big!
22% OFF retail sizes
10% OFF wholesale sizes
Super Big Discounts on 20ml Clementine under $6,
20ml Blue Comfort under $8 20ml Joyful under $19,
8oz Play-On Sports Spray under $40! 
Discounts will be Lowered Monday Morning at 1AM and
Super Discounted items will change at that time.
The Discounts on all items in our store will show when you click on a product.
Discounts and Big Discounted Oils Will Change Throughout our Promotion.

 Every day of the year our Account Holders get Discounted prices!
No minimum purchase to get discounts of
5% Off Retail Size items / 3% off Wholesale Sizes.
Plus My Money Coins** for your total Order!  
Plus FREE Shipping on all orders over $55.
Plus All orders receive THREE FREE Samples.*

International Orders will receive Shared Shipping.  
Please see our Shipping Policies, Click Here.

*FREE Sample credit of $2.25 is listed on every order. Samples must
be selected in order to be included in your order. If your Free Samples
are not selected at time of your order, due to shipping and handling cost

they cannot be processed for free after your order has been processed.

**Bonus coins are worth 5% of your total purchase.
Make a Purchase and Receive Points
Celebrate Your Birthday and Receive Points
Refer a Friend using My Money, and your friend will receive $10 off
Their first Purchase and you Receive Points when they spend
a total of $25 or more. 

**Points are not available for purchases when we are having store-wide sales.
Store-wide sales are when we give Discounts on All items, both Retail and Wholesale Sizes.
My Money Coins are awarded on all products not already discounted.  To use your coins simply log
your account and purchase a discount certificate using your My Money Coins.  Coins are issues in
the amount you select available for $5 and $10 with a minimum spend amount of $35, $15 with a
minimum spend amount of $45, $20 and $25 with a minimum spend amount of $50, $35 with a
minimum spend of $70, $40 with a minimum spend amount of $85, $50 with a minimum spend
amount of $90, $100 with a minimum spend amount of $160, $200 with a minimum spend
amount of $300,  $300 with a minimum spend amount of $500, and $500 with a minimum
spend amount of $800.

 Ancient Healing Oils, AHO, is a Registered Trade Mark of Appalachian Valley Natural Products.  
Many of our specialty products are offered under the AHO Brand.