Posted by JJC on Oct 3rd 2019


Many times I am asked the question, "what is your favorite way and the best way to enjoy Aromatherapy?"

Several years ago, I was introduced to an Aromatherapy patch that you placed on your skin, usually on the chest, so that you could inhale the vapors. The body patch never seemed to provide me with enough of the aroma I desired. Then at times the patch would fall off, you forget about it, and it would wind up in the washer.

I tried and also sold nose clips for some time. The nose clips also left much to be desired. You may recall we provided Essential Oil Blends and non-blended oils for a nose clip company. We no longer blend or provide that company with oils. What we found using the nose clips is that at times the clips fell out of your nose, and like the patch, you just never seemed to get as much of the aroma that you desired. The clips did not last very long, and they were just too expensive.

I do have a diffuser, but I seldom use it. If I want my entire house to have the aroma of an Oil, I simply place a few drops on a tissue and put it on my HVAC system intake. I use to tell people to carry a small bottle of oil and at times, open the bottle and deeply inhale for a minute or two.

What I have found to be the Best way to conserve oils, money, and get the benefits I want, is to use an inexpensive inhaler as shown in the picture above. Place a few drops of oil on the inhaler wick, and the inhaler will work for weeks, Yes, I said weeks. They are inexpensive, re-usable, only need a few drops to be effective, and their effectiveness is for days/weeks, not just a few hours. These little inhalers are easily carried in your pocket or purse. PLUS, you can make your own blends with them using just a few drops of your Essential Oils. These little things are fantastic!

We are not going to make a fortune selling inhalers. LOL My telling you how to enjoy aromatherapy and conserve your oils is not going to increase the volume of oils I sell. So Why am I sharing this information with you? Because I was asked what I do and what I feel is the best and this it is the best way I know to enjoy aromatherapy. No hype, No fancy packaging, just the simple money saving fact.

Keep Smiling,