Same Bottle but Not the Same

Posted by John Croskey on Dec 18th 2023

Same Bottle but Not the Same

Question:  Why are my bottles not filled up to the neck or all to the same level?
I am not the best writer, but I will do my best to answer this question.

Over the past few years, starting with the supply chain issues that began with the virus in 2019, this is an issue that all industries have experienced, and in some cases are still working through. 

We have seen many changes in our bottles.  
The bottles below came from the same supplier and they have the same part number. Close examination shows that the bottle on the left is slimmer than the one on the right and has a slightly higher profile. But according to the supplier, they are the same.

Using our pharmaceutical pipettes**, we poured 5ml into each bottle* in the image above. 

Looking at this picture it is normal for you to feel, "I did not receive a full bottle". 

We are doing our best to see that our bottles are of the same profile, however, at times it is not possible.  Even our ounce size and plastic bottles are going through changes. 

Here is a good example of bottle changes.  Remember when you would get an iced tea or bottle of water and opening the bottle, there was some headroom in the bottle? Today, that headroom no longer exists, and you must be very careful opening the bottle so not to spill any. Are the companies being generous, giving you more? No. They have slimmed down the size of the bottle. I can only think they are saving money with each bottle, which adds up when your selling millions of bottles.

Should you receive a bottle that did not leak but appears to be short, please take a picture of the unopened bottle and send it to us so we can determine if there actually in an issue.  Also, know that we are human and, at times, a mistake can occur and or there could have been an issue with the pipette. No matter what, we will always do our best to make it right for you.

If there is an issue with your order, simply contact us.  We will do everything possible to see you remain a Happy AVNP customer. The fastest way to contact us is by email sent to

All the best, and Keep Smiling.


*All of our oils are poured by hand and usually poured at the time an order is entered.  When we have a big holiday sale, we still pour by hand, however, we do pour bottles of the most popular oil in advance.

**We check the calibration of our pipettes frequently and constantly inspect how bottles are being filled.