Blue Cypress a comforting, soft almost creamy like oil known for its moisturizing and soothing skincare properties. This oil is considered to be very similar to Blue Chamomile. The oil of Blue Cypress unlike the Chamomile, is produced from the wood. Blue Cypress is soothing and relaxing for the nerves without having sedative properties.

Native to Australia this tree produces a beautiful thick translucent blue oil via steam distillation. History shows that natives of Australia, the Aboriginal people, Indigenous Australians, have used the tree in many different ways medicinally for many years.  

Blue Cypress is used extensively in skin cream and lotions.  It can aid with insect bits and minor skin irritations.

When we bottle Blue Cypress Essential Oil here at AVNP we use a 2mm reducer.  This enable this thicker oil to drip from the bottle.  Should it come out of the bottle at too slow a rate for your needs, you can give it a warm bath for a few minutes.  Warming the oil will not hurt the oil and it will flow much faster. 

Blue Cypress blends well with many oils and especially with Bergamot, Cedarwoods, Chamomile, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Lemon, you will want to try it with Sandalwood. 

NOTE:  A error, made by most popular aromatherapy authors, has been assuming that the traditional use of water or alcoholic extracts can be applied to the essential oil.  Water extracts contain many compounds that do not occur in the same plants essential oil.   Part of the astringent action of the water based extract of cypress, is due to substances called tannins.  These substances do not occur in the essential oil.   Therefore be cautious about the therapeutic claims made in aromatherapy books for cypress oils.

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Blue Cypress

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Botanical Name:
(Callitris intratropica)
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Distillation Method:
Steam Distilled
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Ethically Farmed
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Smokey fragrance
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