ROOM FRAGRANCE: An excellent long lasting, relaxing fragrance, ideal to create a tranquil atmosphere and help relax the mind after a traumatic day.

INHALATION: Particularly useful as part of mixtures for inhalation of the vapors from hot water. The oil is very soothing for bronchial complaints as well as having an expectorant action.

BATHS: This oil is quite thick and so is ideally dispersed before use. To help prevent a sticky line around the bath following the use of neat(undiluted) Cedarwood oil, it is advisable to first disperse the oil in a solvent such as bubble bath, washing up liquid, or a vegetable oil and then add this mixture to the bath water. To a teaspoon of bubble bath or washing up liquid, add about 6 drops of cedarwood oil, mix well, then add a teaspoon of warm water and mix again until the oil is fully dispersed: finally add this mixture to a well-filled bath. It may be used for any of the conditions mentioned under the other headings. 

MASSAGE: As many men seem to like this fragrance and it has a reputation as a male stimulant, then this can be put to good use for the problem of stress related impotence. A massage, or bath may help de-stress the mind and break through its ability to suppress normal bodily functions. This oil is ideal for relieving anxiety and also calming down people with a volatile temperament. This oil seems to be very beneficial for sore irritating skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis and acne, but care must be exercised in case the individual has a cosmetics allergy.

Caution:  Not advisable neat on the skin, or for long term use for conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. May be wiser to avoid its use in early pregnancy. Do not confuse with Cedar LEAF oil which is entirely different and much more dangerous. Keep all essential oils well away from children and especially away from the eyes

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Cedarwood Rectified

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Botanical Name:
(Cedrus virginiana)
Part Used:
Distillation Method:
Steam Distilled
Agro Class:
Wild Grown
Lot #:
Smooth cedarwood fragrance
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