Lemon verbena is soothing, soft, relaxing and will take you to that happy place in time where you always love to be.  Stressful times just fade away.  Diffuse or simply place in an inhaler and enjoy the wonderful aroma anywhere, anytime.  Wild Grown and harvested our Lemon Verbena is organic, free of insecticides and pesticides.

Wonderful in massage, Lemon Verbena helps loosen tight muscles relieving minor aches and pains. It helps relieve anxiety and depression as it relaxes.  It simply helps you to feel better.  Lemon verbena also helps you stay well as it is a germ fighter.

If you never tried Lemon Verbena we suggest you get a sample.  You will most likely return for more. 

Lemon Verbena

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Botanical Name:
(Lippia citriodora)
Part Used:
Distillation Method:
Steam Distilled
Agro Class:
Wild Grown
Lot #:
Lemony, herbaceous, sweet
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