ROOM FRAGRANCE: Not too pleasant on its own, but it can be blended with other anti microbial oils and be used to help prevent the spread of air born infections. It may be found useful added to other oils such as lemongrass and sandalwood, to help alleviate dry spasmodic coughs.

INHALATION: A drop or two of thyme oil, preferably mixed with other essential oils, placed in hot water and the vapors inhaled, may help relieve: coughs, catarrh, and bronchial infections. Breathing in the vapors may help sore throats and act as a mild disinfectant.

BATHS: Not advisable in baths, as it can cause skin irritation when used in a hot, humid atmosphere. If used in the bath, only 2-3 drops are advisable, and the greatest care must be taken to keep the oil out of the eyes.

MASSAGE: Thyme oil must be well-diluted before it is used on the skin. Small amounts may be useful for mixtures used to treat muscle aches and pains. The fragrance may act as a stimulant in lethargic or depressive states. 

OTHER USES: In persistent athletes foot, if tea tree oil does not help, add 2-3 drops of thyme mixed into a teaspoon of vegetable oil and rub into the affected area, this will sometimes deal with difficult fungal infections.

Caution:  The greatest caution is advisable with the use of thyme oil. It can be a potent irritant in people with sensitive or fragile skin. Thyme oil can be very aggressive on the skin and must be greatly diluted before use. Thyme oil must always be kept well away from the eyes and children.

Thyme Spike

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Botanical Name:
(Thymbra spicata)
Part Used:
Distillation Method:
Steam Distilled
Agro Class:
Wild Crafted
Lot #:
Aroma resembles oregano
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