This oil has been around since the early 1500s and has been used in numerous products.

 Grapeseed is on e of the cheaper oils used for massage. It is acceptable for most skin types and only rarely causes skin reactions. It is easily absorbed into the skin, instead of sitting on top of the skin. It can be used alone, or modified by the addition of other fixed oils to suit the skin type.

The cruder oils are a golden green colour with a mild odour. Refined grades are usually a highly mobile golden liquid.

Rancidity develops in a few months unless antioxidants are added at source which is common.

Grape Seed

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Botanical Name:
(Vitis vinfera)
Part Used:
Distillation Method:
Cold Pressed
Agro Class:
Lot #:
COA %:
Oleic acid 23.8%, Linoleic acid 63.9%, Linolenic acid 0.4%
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